Based on the concept of "learn-by-doing", the Outdoor Training stimulates learning by experience, taking participants to achieve in your professional activity, achieve higher levels of productivity and personal satisfaction in the performance of its functions.

Developed in natural scenarios, these actions make it possible to simulate emotions and interactions that typically occur in day to day business, allowing participants to develop team spirit, creativity and attitudes appropriate to the mission and strategy of the company.


This methodology is indicated for: 

  • Promote and optimize interpersonal skills, with particular emphasis on improving teamwork, assistance and cooperation in achieving individual and team objectives; 

  • Create and strengthen the motivation and team spirit;Encourage the sharing of the values of the culture of the company;

  • Encourage the sharing of the values of the culture of the company; 

  • Increase the capacity of leadership and direction;

  • Develop creativity and problem-solving capacity; 

  • Manage conflicts effectively;

  • Increase the degree of self-knowledge and test the capabilities of adaptation to adverse situations;

  • Facilitate the integration of new employees in the company;

  • Assist in adapting to organizational change processes.


This mode of training includes theoretical training, followed by outdoor activities to maximize the learning and development of the individual and the team. The length of training varies depending on the needs of the team and you can even take place in system of immersion in a package that includes accommodation and food. There are several possible scenarios for the formation (field, Beach, Etc.) and we rely on internationally certified trainers that provide excellent service.


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