We have a training centre located in Portimão, consisting of offices, two classrooms and several infrastructures that allow for the development of training in the most varied contexts.

We have a team that helps the providers that require local support for the development of their formations, with the provision of the following services:

  • Rental of training rooms and audiovisual equipment;

  • Promotion of courses;

  • Constitution of classes and selection of trainers;

  • Photocopies and various administrative services;

  • Logistics and coordination training. 



Room A

  • 27 m2 area;
  • Ability to 15 graduates in "U" or 18 graduates in traditional format;
  • Painting porcelain, air conditioning, natural light, new furniture.

Room B

  • Area of 40 m2;
  • Capacity for 24 trainees in "U" or 30 trainees in traditional format;
  • Painting porcelain, natural light, new furniture, air conditioning;
  • Adjacent work room with tables for group work.